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David Gemmell EPub Collection 31 Books [Latest-2022]




Vergi per il download gratuito di questo libro. 100% Risparmiata a.The UAE expects the global oil market to remain vulnerable in 2019 as the US continues to reel from a partial government shutdown that has resulted in parts of the government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) being closed, creating uncertainty and locking out potential customers. "While I don't see it locking out the world, I do think it's certainly taking the air out of the market," said the head of Middle East and Asia at consulting firm Al Tamimi, speaking to CNBC. "I think the UAE is kind of looking at this with a sort of 'wait and see' approach. What's happening now is that there is not as much US-driven activity. There's less work, there's less income and so that is having a bigger impact in terms of the macro-economic picture of what's going on." "If we get on top of the US side of things, the effect will be positive for the market," he added. A delegation from the UAE is in Singapore for this week's Ministerial Level Meeting of the International Energy Forum (IEF), which has been joined by representatives from the US, UK, Japan, China, India and Brazil. The government of Abu Dhabi and various members of the private sector will be in the spotlight when the UAE Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri meets his counterparts from India, Japan and South Korea on Wednesday. The UAE has long been seen as one of the most oil-dependent countries in the world, and the sector accounts for about a third of the government's gross domestic product (GDP) and around three-quarters of the country's private sector growth. In fact, Al Mansouri told CNBC last year that "not a single critical government institution" had been closed down because of the oil price drop, instead, the UAE government was expecting the global oil price to average between $70 and $80 a barrel in 2019. The UAE's oil-export earnings will be bolstered by its production increases from three fields: a new field at Sharjah, with a total capacity of 800,000 barrels per day; and from the Zohr and Shaybah fields, with a total capacity of almost 1.6 million barrels per day. The UAE has also had to take on new investment commitments in recent months in light of the drop in oil prices,




David Gemmell EPub Collection 31 Books [Latest-2022]

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