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How to make Google Chrome AR photo

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

If you are here, this means that you are interested in how to make AR photo from Google Chrome. So, we will try shortly to tell you about how to make AR photo by your phone... First of all, we want to tell you that not all phones supports it and there are no any information about which supports, which not. For example, photo which is below was made in VR.LV gaming room by Samsung Note 9. Photos added in step 2, and step 3 - Samsung Galaxy S9. Two more tests was successful with iPhone 6S, iPhone XS and Xiaomi Note 7. It doesn't worked with my friends Samsung Galaxy S9 (yes, it not a joke and not mistake, it worked in one S9 phone and doesn't worked in second S9 phone), doesn't worked in my OnePlus 5 phone, doesn't worked on Samsung Note 8. So are you happy or not, you will know later...

Photo made by Samsung Note 9
Photo made by Samsung Note 9

1. First of all you need to download google chrome browser to you phone (if you still don't have it). 2. Secondly, you must go to google chrome and input "shark" in search window (like in photo below)

Google AR
Google AR

3. Third step is easiest. Just scroll a little bit down and find button "See in 3D" (we have Russian language as main, so there are different but idea is the same.

We don't tell you about next steps because they are logically understandable and there are no reason to write about them. For today we found just two animals - shark and crocodile but maybe we will find more in next few days and will write you about them ;) We will try update this post when we will get more information about this ;)

P.S.: hope you are one of that luckiest who got this option on your phone)))

Update 14.10.2019

We found some more animals: cat, dog, fish, lion, tiger, bear, alpine goat, timberwolve, european hendgehog, fish, pinguin, giant panda.

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